We have so much fun at Mini Maestros!

By Sarah Hudson

Every Friday Catie and I attend our Mini Maestros class, which is easily one of our favourite times together. Walking into the room Catie loves to wave “hi” to the other babies in the class and also to our music teacher, Christina.

The class always begins with the ‘Hello’ song and we are all asked which dance moves we’ve been doing lately. Catie loves to clap her hands and stomp her feet so we usually do one of those moves to get started!

One thing I love about taking Catie to Mini Maestros is watching her take it all in. She watches all the actions, whether it be shaking our egg shakers or hitting our sound sticks together, and then she copies the actions as best she can. When we all stop, she stops – unless she wants to be a little cheeky and keep playing all by herself (which is not uncommon)!

Catie’s all time favourite Mini Maestos activity is the ‘Hide the Mouse’ song. Christine has a mouse puppet on her finger and hides it. When the mouse is hidden, Catie giggles and throws her hands up wondering where the mouse has gone! The teachers are always very interactive and Catie loves to get involved.

🥰 Since Catie was 6 months old we've been doing Mini Maestros music classes. It's the highlight of our week! It's so much fun to see all the babies responding to, and making, music 🥰 #CutenessOverloadTerm 2 starts in a couple of weeks! To find a Mini Maestros near you, go to www.popd.com.au and search "Maestro" + your postcode 💖

Posted by pop'd on Sunday, 7 April 2019

The classes are always very happy. We often get up with our babies and dances in a circle together, and then run into the middle to say “hello”. Catie especially loves this as she’s been waving for a very longtime and has also starting to say “hi” when we all enter the middle. Watching her learn to say “hi” at the right times and interact with the other little bubbas is very fun to see!

In most classes we also play with a rainbow parachute that all the babies lie or site under as the carers lift it up, then lower it.  The parachute isn’t Catie’s favourite as she finds it a bit scary, but Christine makes everyone feel so comfortable and encourages carers to pop under the parachute with them and enjoy the parachute colours together. This settles Catie so much and she starts to enjoy the game.

The class teachers are always so vibrant and you can tell they are genuinely having so much fun, which makes all the kids have such a good time! Everyone is all smiles as they sing and play their little instruments, and over time learn how to copy an action at the right time. 

Mini Maestros is such a fun and exciting activity for babies and carers to bond over, plus I do love that neuroscientists keep proving how incredibly beneficial making music is for a developing babies brain!  Did you know it is the ONLY activity that simultaneously engages​ almost every part of a baby’s brain?!  Enjoying music and dancing together and is easily the most fun and bright time of our week!

To find a Mini Maestros class near you search “Maestros” at www.popd.com.au, or go to https://www.minimaestros.com.au/find/.

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