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Baby wellbeing is inextricably linked to a mothers’ wellbeing.  A well-informed, confident, happy and well-rested mother is better able to care for her baby and wakes in the morning genuinely enthusiastic about caring for her baby.

The Babysleep Doctor strategy works with parents and the baby and uses a tailored approach to deal with problems of sleep, feeding, growth and/or behaviour so that all families can experience the joys of parenting.


The Babysleep Doctor’s objectives are to:

  • Promote infant and family wellbeing.
  • Work with infants and mothers where there are problems affecting sleep, feeding, growth and/or behaviour and to provide mothers with the tools to resolve these issues.
  • Ensure families nationally and internationally can access our services.
  • Generate broad acknowledgement that women have a range of options in relation to infant wellbeing and health and to teach those strategies found to be beneficial based on a combination of research and extensive clinical experience.
  • Support those parenting strategies which have been most effective for the family unit both through research and our extensive practical experience.
  • Advance research on infant sleep, feeding, growth and/or behaviour issues.

Additional information

The Babysleep Doctor strategy aims to ensure that women and families experience the joy of parenting and attain a life balance, whereby there is an appropriate allocation of time for the baby, other children, partner and sleep.

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http://www.thebabysleepdoctor.com.au/ 84 Shipsters Rd, Kensington Park, SA, Australia, 5068 +61 8 83324077
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