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Sleep Gems provide a holistic approach to parenting support. I offer professional, supportive and practical advice to families experiencing difficulty managing their babies and young children in the comfort of their own homes.

We offer guidance and hands on support in:

– Sleep routines and settling strategies

– Feeding issues and introduction to solids

– Early learning and play ideas

– Behaviour management and guidance

– Home safety

At sleep gems we acknowledge the sometimes difficult nature of parenting and work in partnership with the whole family to pace positive changes according to what feels comfortable to individuals involved.

We believe that parents are the experts in caring for and managing their own children’s individual strengths and abilities, but occasionally need some outside support when children challenge us with unsettled behaviours such as sleep patterns, feeding issues and tantrums.

Our practice follows the guidelines used in current “Attachment Theories”, where the relationships and mental health of the baby/child and parents are being constantly considered.


Lisa has had over 25 years experience in the early childhood profession. She began training as a nurse, and specialized as a Mothercraft nurse, which involved educating new parents on all aspects of caring for their newborns, infants and young children.

Having children of her own, Lisa then spent many years working and coordinating in childcare centres.

In the last 15 years Lisa has perfected her expertise in sleep settling and early parenting support working at the Queen Elizabeth Centre and alongside Maternal Child Health nurses. She has vast experience in both a sleep-school envrionment and visiting clients in their homes, working with clients from many different social, economic and cultural backgrounds. Lisa has always been the first port-of-call for her friends and family needing advice on settling their young children.

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Lisa at Sleep Gems provides a holistic approach to parenting support. She has helped countless families establish and maintain healthy sleep patterns and behaviours.

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http://www.sleepgems.com.au/ Across Melbourne, Bonbeach, Victoria, Australia, 3196 0412342348
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  1. 5 out of 5

    Lisa was our saviour! We contacted Lisa to come help with our 4 month old daughter as she was cat napping during the day and sleeping in blocks of an hour and a half during the night. We would also have to rock her to sleep. I had become so over exhaused and would dread nap times and night, it was to a point where I didn't even want to go to sleep anymore as I knew the day would just be repeating and would all happen again. We contracted Lisa and she instantly gave me advise over the phone. Lisa made a nervous, embarrassed for asking for help mum feel at easy and not alone. She came out and help with our girls first nap and showed us the techniques to get Grace to settle in her own bed. From that day we have not turned back, our girl is so easy to put down now we can just put her down fully awake she will have a chat play with her teddy then settle herself, something I thought would never be achievable. I can not recommend Lisa enough! If you are stuggling please reach out to Lisa, you are not alone and many of us other mums have been in the same boat. Lisa a huge thank you for all your help and for giving us back out sanity.

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