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Hi! I am Claire. I am a Brisbane (QLD Australia) based location photographer, but have traveled all over the world for my photography!   
I bring a passionate and individual style to my photography… truly connecting to ensure I capture the essence of who my clients are. It is so important to me that my clients feel the magic and have that reminder that they ARE beautiful and that they ARE loved! I believe that EVERYONE deserves to have THAT feeling… and being able to come from a place where I KNOW how it feels to not like looking at yourself, it is so important for me to help my clients find their beauty again. 
I am the single mum to a beautiful (yet sometimes challenging) teenage girl. She is the reason I started this business in the first place… so I could balance my love of photography, with my love of being a mum. You will sometimes see her at our sessions being my helpful offsider and assisting me when I need! 

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https://www.olivetreephotography.com.au/ Alma Rd, Dakabin, QLD, Australia, 4503 0439 712 400
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