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Hi, I’m Kasey! I completed my Bachelor of Health Science (Nutrition) in 2007 after initially studying Education (Primary). I believe education is key to making lifelong changes and utilise this in my nutrition programs. Having struggled with my weight as a child, trying many fad diets and getting completely confused in the nutrition and food world, I grew a desire to learn as much as possible and help others. I want you to reach your goals and will do whatever I can to get you there. I provide a personal service and ensure you receive individualised advice. We are all different so why would we need the same plan as everyone else?! Unsure if I’m the one that can help you? Schedule your FREE 15 minute consultation here and find out! KB xx


  • Online Personalised 4 Week Food Program
  • Home visit Nutrition Education Workshops
  • Face to Face Nutrition Consultations
  • One Week Clean-Tox Programs

Additional information

Your health should be a main priority in your life, so don’t let it slip through the cracks. Kasey is the Nutrition (qualified Nutritionist – B.HlthSci (Nutrition) half of The Limit Health and Fitness. She is here to ensure that you achieve all of your health and nutrition goals whether you are looking to lose or manage weight, increase energy, decrease bloating and nausea, identify allergies, learn how to eat a balanced diet or get help with a pre or post natal food plan. Take a look at the Nutrition services offered below, and do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.

Services include: Online personalised food programs, Home visit education workshops, Face to face consultations and One week Clean-tox programs.

Online Personalised 4 Week Food Program


  1. Initial Consultation via email or phone to gain an understanding of your goals, needs, history, food likes and dislikes and more.
  2. A full one week eating program tailoured to you including guidelines, recipes and educational material.
  3. 4 weeks of email access to ensure you are staying on track, alter anything you dislike or make changes to your plan if you are not reaching your goal.

Kasey creates comprehensive eating plans that are catered to each individual’s needs. This specialized service increases the chances that you will stick to your program as it is based on foods you like, your lifestyle and your goals. Get your Online Personalised Food Program here and start taking control of your life.

Home visit Nutrition Education Workshops – education for you and your family/friends/co-workers on how to live a healthy life.
Kasey will come to your home to educate you and your family/friends or co-workers on a variety of health and nutrition topics. This workshop is completely individualised to your needs and goals and will focus on what YOU want to learn. She will also provide an analysis on each members current eating habits, a sample day of eating for each person, recipes and more! This service is designed to educate you to make healthy food choice for life.

Topics of discussions may include, but are not limited to: Why food is important, the health risks of unhealthy eating, Macronutrients and how they work in your body (Protein, Carbohydrates, Fats), reading food labels, eating out and take-away choices, the five star health rating, eating for exercise and more.

Contact us to find out more or schedule a time for your workshop.

Face to Face Nutrition Consultations – One on One consultations in Kasey’s clinic room in Burleigh Waters at ProMed Podiatry.
If you are on the Gold Coast and prefer to meet in person, Kasey is available to discuss your Nutritional needs! She can help with weight loss, food intolerance’s and allergies, children’s nutrition, general health and well being, diabetic food plans and more! Kasey will look at a variety of aspects which contribute to your health and help you make the changes required to meet your goals. Book now to change your life.

One Week Clean-Tox Programs – Kasey’s signature one week Clean-tox programs are a mix between clean eating and a detox program. She does not believe in fads so this is not a quick fix and ensures you actually eat 5 times per day. Real Food. No Pills. Results that last.

The Clean-tox programs provide a full one week eating program, recipes and shopping list and are designed to help your body rest, digest and speed up your metabolism. Following the program often leads to increased energy, clearer skin and eyes, improved mood and sleep, weight loss and a general feeling of greater well-being. See our online programs/shop to see what we have on offer!

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https://thelimithealthandfitness.com.au/kb-nutrition/ Face-to-face available in Burleigh Heads, or, online, programs, Australia-wide
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