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  • Calmbirth® Classes (small groups or private): Calmbirth® is an evidence based childbirth education program, educating couples to birth their babies with knowledge and confidence. The program prepares couples mentally, emotionally and physically to enter into labour and birth confidently and have an empowering birth experience. Calmbirth® emphasises the relationship between our mind and body, and how our beliefs and perceptions around birth influence what happens to us physically during labour. The program teaches breathing, visualisation and relaxation as well as hands-on techniques that empower couples to enter into labour with knowledge and skills to bring their babies into the world with confidence, regardless of what their birth journey may be.The recommended time to do the course is between 24 and 34 weeks gestation, to allow ample opportunity to reflect upon the knowledge gained, and practice the skills taught.Calmbirth® is suitable for women in all models of care including public, private, caseload and homebirths.Upcoming classes:
    • March 17th & 24th
    • April 7th & 14th
    • May 19th & 26th
    • June 16th & 23rd

Outline of the program:

  • The psychology of birth
  • The physiology of birth
  • Toolboxes for birth.
  • Conscious Parenting

Research into the effectiveness of the Calmbirth® program by the Royal Hospital for Women in NSW has shown:

  • Calmbirth® increases vaginal birth rates.
  • Decreases the use of pain relief.
  • Increases confidence levels in regards to birth for women and their partners.
  • Breastfeeding & Gentle Parenting Classes:  New babies can seem like such a mystery. Learning to ‘read’ your baby’s cues and what to expect when caring for a newborn can make life calmer and easier for the whole family. Midwife and mum Martyna teaches you the ins and out of breastfeeding: the physiology, attachment and positioning, how to recognise you baby is getting enough, and troubleshooting some common breastfeeding problems. She also take the mystery out of caring for a newborn, teaching you how to observe their cues and respond to them in a conscious way. We discuss normal newborn behavior, newborn cues, normal sleep patterns and safe sleep guidelines and how to prepare for the transition into parenthood.


Our Educators:

Alice (currently on Maternity Leave)

As a registered midwife working in both the public and private health systems, trained doula, and sister to three Calmbirth® mum’s, I have seen time and time again the amazing effect that the evidence based Calmbirth® program can have on a woman’s ability to welcome her baby gently and confidently into this world. The birth of a child is arguably the most memorable experience of a woman’s life. By using simple relaxation, breathing and visualization techniques women are able to make it a joyous, exciting and beautiful event.  What better way is there to enter motherhood? Private classes and small group classes available.


Martyna is a mum to two beautiful girls, a Registered Nurse and Midwife and Calmbirth Educator. She has worked in Women’s Health since 2010 and currently practices across the whole scope of maternity care; from antenatal clinic through to postnatal home visits.

Her passion to become a Calmbirth Educator was sparked by the birth of her first child Rose. Martyna and her husband attended the Calmbirth program in preparation for their first birth experience. After many months of practicing the Calmbirth techniques, they welcomed little Rose in an amazingly empowering waterbirth at home. Reflecting on the experience, Martyna decided she had to spread the ‘magic’ of Calmbirth, and here we are today.

Additional information


  • 12 hour comprehensive Calmbirth® course.
  • Downloadable Calmbirth® relaxations and Calmbirth® book.
  • Refreshments – morning and afternoon tea provided.
  • Discounted Breastfeeding & Gentle Parenting class.
  • Discounted TENS hire.
  • Because Alice and Martyna are practicing midwives you may be able to claim the Calmbirth® classes through your private health insurance.
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http://www.hey-baby.com.au/ The Pilates Vibe at 2/132 Nepean Hwy, Aspendale, Victoria, Australia, 3195 0420 406 639 or 0413 900 096
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  1. 5 out of 5

    My husband & I did 2 full day, private classes with Marty. Marty taught us an incredible amount about childbirth, and it gave us so much confidence going into having our baby. We also really enjoyed the classes ? I’ve recommended Hey Baby’s fantastic classes to many pregnant friends, and will continue to. - Sarah
  2. 5 out of 5

    “I whole heartedly recommend Calmbirth®. It was so nice to be excited about baby’s birthday rather than anxious about labour. My professional background is in public health so the evidence base demonstrating Calmbirth’s effectiveness made it easier for me to commit to the Calmbirth® preparations. My husband enjoyed the classes because he came feeling confident about his role and when the day came, although it was intense, it really felt like everything was happening as it should and we could handle it together ” - Michaela

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