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Individualised sleep packages, delivered in the privacy of your own home.  Each program is tailored to suit the needs of you and your baby. During these sessions, we will outline and help you implement various strategies and methods to use and continue after we leave.


There is no instruction manual when it comes to raising a baby which is why I believe in an individualised approach for each family. Children’s needs and behaviour are not ‘one size fits all’.

I am a mother myself and understand the frustration mums go through. There is so much advice given to you as a new mum that it can be really overwhelming and finding what is best for your baby can be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

This is why I take the time to understand your boundaries, your beliefs and customise a program and approach that you can confidently and consistently apply. I really believe that my program is so successful because I work with you for the weeks following by providing unlimited phone support and adapting the program based on your child’s needs and always within your comfort levels.

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For sleeping issues, we consider your baby’s sleeping arrangements and environment. We then aim to provide you with solutions, education and practical skills to help you quickly and calmly settle your baby to sleep.

We will teach you how to:

  • Read your baby’s tired signs
  • Settle your baby calmly and quickly whilst teaching your baby to self settle
  • Use different strategies when needed, to settle your baby
  • Establish healthy sleep routines that fit in with your family life

For breastfeeding issues, we will talk to you about your problems and then offer appropriate education, advice and assistance.

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https://www.calmbabies.com.au/ Serves Eastern Melbourne & also does Phone Consultations, Doncaster East, VIC, Australia, 3109 0407 454 518
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  1. 5 out of 5

    When Alanah was born she was a small baby weighing only 2.5 kgs. I felt so blessed to have her. From the beginning she often would not settle in her cot. I would hold her in my arms to sleep or at night have her sleep upright on my chest. This worked for me in the first few months as it meant I could rest too while she slept. She was my first baby and I felt that it was not too much bother as long as she slept. As she got older though, the settling times became longer and I began to grow tired of the frequent night waking and constant resettling every time she woke. I began to fear sleep time and Alanah and I were grumpy due to the lack of sleep. This pattern continued for some time until at 11 months Alanah (who was co-sleeping in my bed by this stage) accidently scratched my cornea in the middle of the night! I ended up in the emergency ward of our local hospital and I knew things had to change. Carmel came into our home and showed us how we could ‘retrain’ Alanah into an independent sleeper who would sleep through the night. Carmel involved both my husband and I, and together we learnt many strategies to resettle Alanah, whilst still assuring her we were there for her. Within 48 hours, Alanah was “cured”! She was having two day sleeps and would sleep happily in her cot from 7:30pm until 6:30am the next morning. It was life changing to say the least. I was getting a great nights sleep, my husband was happy because I was happy and best of all, Alanah was cheerful and playful during her awake times. We felt so confident with ourselves as parents and went on to have two more gorgeous babies who turned out to be good sleepers because of the things that Carmel had taught us. We would highly recommend that if you are having problems such as ours that you call Carmel. She has a lovely friendly persona and we never felt like she was lecturing us. It was the best investment we ever made. Thank you so much Carmel. With much appreciation, – Josie
  2. 5 out of 5

    To dear Carmel, you are an earth angel. Thank you so much for everything you have done for us, for Aiyana, for our little family. Our 13 month old little girl was still napping on top of me during the day, slept in our bedroom at night, and got to the point of waking every 40 minutes or at least hourly because she had never learnt to self soothe. We called Carmel after trying various attempts at what we considered everything! In a week we transitioned Aiyana in to her own bedroom, developed new sleeping techniques and now she is napping in her cot during the day right on cue without any fuss and most importantly sleeping through the night! Last night from 8pm to 7am! I cannot explain the difference this has already made to me physically and emotionally. I’m getting some time to myself, I’m actually waking up in the morning instead of just putting one foot in front of the other and continuing on the next hour. I’ve got more energy to maintain my friendships and relationship. We get time to ourselves in the bedroom. But the biggest thing of all, Aiyana has started taking her first steps and is so much happier during the day because SHE is getting sleep and her mental development is progressing again. Carmel, you are magic and I’m so grateful I heard about you from other beautiful mummas who also had such a positive experience. I’m so glad I actually asked for help. And I’m so in awe of your compassion and genuine support that you gave to me every hour at the beginning and now knowing whenever I need. Thank you. – Rebecca
  3. 5 out of 5

    When my little boy reached 5 months old and I was struggling with frequent night waking as he hadn’t yet learned to self-settle I decided I needed some help and fast! The night-time settling was always the hardest, it could take an hour for him to get to sleep. I had succumbed to using a swing, rocking, patting, feeding, anything to get him to sleep. This was exhausting day in day out. After looking online at many websites, sleep whisperers in Sydney were charging up to $3,000 to help with these issues, I couldn’t believe it. I felt that was over the top and decided to ask for recommendations. My Cousin recommended Carmel from Calm Babies in Melbourne. I didn’t think she would be able to help me in Sydney but decided to call her anyway. From the first conversation, Carmel was great to talk to and very understanding about the different parenting styles and knows all babies are different. We decided to go ahead with a 2-week programme via phone consults which was great news and very affordable too. Within 2 days we had made significant changes to Aiden’s routine and by 2 weeks all my major problems were sorted. This really took the pressure off my partner and I, it has been the best thing I could have done for our family. I highly recommend Carmel, she is very knowledgeable, easy to talk to, always answered the phone or rang back immediately and was extremely easy going and supportive throughout the whole 2-week program. Thanks Carmel for everything – Jane

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