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What types of products can I list on pop’d?

Businesses can sell any products for pregnant women, couples expecting a baby, babies, kids, or parents. If you’re not sure whether your product fits, email business.support@popd.com.au.

Why sell on pop’d?

  • Get discovered by parents & pregnant women looking for products like yours!
  • Affordable There’s only a 4% commission on sales (plus a Stripe transaction fee) and NO subscription fees
  • Flexible No long-term contracts
  • Simple We’ll set up your shop for you!

What are the fees?

  • 4% commission on sales (item price + postage)
  • Stripe transaction fees (1.75% + $0.30)
  • NO subscription fee

How do I receive my order from pop’d?

When a product is bought from your shop, an automated email is sent to you with all the order details for you to fulfil the order.

How do I get paid?

When a customer buys your product, the money (less the commission + transaction fee) is sent directly to your Stripe account.

Do I need a Stripe account?

Yes, you need a Stripe account to be paid for your pop’d sales. You can set up your shop, and then set up your Stripe account after your first transaction.

Can non-Australian businesses sell?

Yes, businesses outside Australia are welcome to sell. Please note that all transactions will be in Australian dollars, and that GST may be applicable.

Can I sell to overseas customers on pop’d?

No, pop’d currently doesn’t serve overseas customers.

I have a great idea for a new category for my product! How do I suggest it?

We’d love to hear it! Please email business.support@popd.com.au.

How do I make my shop & product listing ‘pop’?

When choosing a product, people love:

  • Clear & detailed descriptions of your products
  • Multiple photographs, and perhaps even a short video, of your products, showing them off from many angles
  • Free shipping!!  But if you’re unable to do that, make sure that your shipping costs, timing & refund policy are crystal clear (avoid bad surprises!)
  • Reviews from other customers which help build trust
  • Knowing a bit more about you, the person behind the business, and why you do what you do!

What’s the best way to keep my customers happy?

Happy customers, happy life! Clear expectations and good communication are the key to keeping your customers happy.

  • Make sure product descriptions are detailed
  • Include lots of photos & perhaps a video
  • Include clear shipping costs (or even consider ‘free shipping’) and timing

How can I promote my products?

Share your shop and its listing on Facebook and Instagram!

How do customer reviews work?

pop’d members are encouraged to leave reviews of products they’ve purchased to help other members make informed decisions. People who purchase a product will receive an email, inviting them to review the product and the experience purchasing it. If you have concerns about the accuracy of a review, please email business.support@popd.com.au

How do I cancel my subscription?

Simply email business.support@popd.com.au, and your subscription will be cancelled within 24 hours

I have another question…

We’d be happy to answer any other questions you have. Please email us at business.support@popd.com.au

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