The Eternal Rope Ring


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illiant Cut FG/VS


This stunning ring, The Eternal Rope, will symbolise the eternal bond with your unique inclusions being preserved in the 8mm round stone. This stone can include your breastmilk, a lock of hair, loved ones ashes, flower petals, a piece of fabric, umbilical cord, dried placenta and so much more options. The Eternal Rope is made to fit your ring size and comes in Sterling Silver or Gold.

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If you would like this ring in Gold, please contact Your Journey Keepsakes. This ring will be an everlasting reminder of your precious memories and will help tell your unique story for a long time to come.

  1. 5 out of 5

    “I seriously can’t thank you enough for this amazing crystal made from my own breastmilk. Not only does it look perfect, it means so much to me.” - From a very Happy client
  2. 5 out of 5

    I can not recommend Becc enough!!!!! I met Bec through a fundraiser that I was doing for a dear friend of mine as her gorgeous baby boy has been diagnosed with Leukaemia! Becc was on board 100% and suggested a bead with his hair! We chose orange as this is the Leukaemia colours and I left the rest to Bec! She sent me a message and dropped in to show me the colour she was going to use as she was still testing them ect. Come the fundraising day she showed me the gorgeous bead she had done and today I got to give it to my dear friend who is truly in awe of it! I cannot wait to get my 5 children done and I am so excited they will fit on my pandora bracelet! Bec you honestly went above and beyond not only with the product itself but also your service, I know You are just starting out but I know you will flourish!!!! Looking forward to getting more of your gorgeous pieces from you ❤️❤️ Thankyou so much!!! - Christy M (26 August 2018)
  3. 5 out of 5

    Beautiful gift for Xmas, having a part of my two daughters, and two grandchildren close to my body at all times, in pandora type beads by your journey keepsakes, I am honoured and very proud of my daughter's ability to make such a beautiful piece for me to cherish forever - Merrilyn C (26 December 2018)

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