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This dazzling design is the perfect way to show the true beauty of your breastmilk or loved ones ashes. The bead set diamonds on the shoulders create a collage of sparkle around your diamond shaped inclusion stone.

A perfect style for those who attend special events and functions, and want a beautiful sparkling ring as it catches the light. This would also be the perfect engagement ring for those wanting a special connection with a unique stone to cherish forever.

32 diamonds are used in this piece = 0.48ct Round Brilliant Cut FG/VS


How do I send my inclusions?
Sending inclusions can be done via Australia Post (if an Australian resident) or from your international provider (if located overseas). To send loved ones ashes, fabric, flowers or hair, please place in one clip sealed bag. To send breastmilk, please send in two clip sealed bags, wrapped in paper towel. Please send inclusions in a padded post bag to protect your precious items. Address your post bag to:

Your Journey Keepsakes
Parcel Locker 1014799852
Shop 1 135 Margaret St
Toowoomba QLD 4350

How much of each inclusion do I send?
Breastmilk: send 30mls of expressed or defrosted breastmilk in two clip sealed bags, wrapped in paper towel
Loved ones ashes: send a teaspoon of loved ones cremated ashes in a clip seal bag
Hair: send 3-4 cm in length of dry hair
Flowers: send dried flowers only in a clip seal bag. Your piece will include a fragment of your flower. Whole flowers (unless very  small) can not be preserved in this jewellery range. If you would like a whole flower, please email me to discuss this custom idea. Email admin@yourjourneykeepsakes.com.au
Fabric: send roughly 5 cm in length of fabric. This will depend on the piece as to how much is used/needed

If sending multiple inclusions, please send them in a separate clip seal bag, in one padded post bag.

What happens once my inclusions have arrived?
Using the parcel locker address above, offers security with your delivery. Once it arrives at the parcel locker, I am notified by a text message and it is placed into a secured locker that can only be opened with a unique code. Once I have picked up your inclusion from the parcel locker, I will unpack your package carefully in my studio, label the items and place them in an air tight container ready to be crafted with. When I have completed this unpacking step, I will communicate with you via a text message to let you know your inclusions have been safely received.

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Delivery & Returns

Enjoy complimentary shipping on all Australian orders


30 day happiness guarantee & returns policy

I understand that this piece of jewellery is a big investment and holds a very strong sentimental connection. That’s why I am offering you a 30 day happiness guarantee with your purchase. I am 100% confident that you will be delighted with your piece, but just in case you’re not, please know that I want you to be happy, therefore would gladly provide you a refund on receiving the product returned. This happiness guarantee & returns policy is only available on particular pieces within the exclusive gold range.


What is the turnaround time?

Each piece is custom made to meet your unique requirements and style. Once the inclusions are received and your ring size is provided (if your piece is a ring), work will commence on your order. Please send your inclusion and sizing in a timely manner so I can start crafting your sentimental piece for you.Allow 4-6 weeks once items have been received before your gorgeous jewellery piece is returned home. I will communicate with you along the journey to keep you posted on any developments.

  1. 5 out of 5

    “I seriously can’t thank you enough for this amazing crystal made from my own breastmilk. Not only does it look perfect, it means so much to me.” - From a very Happy client
  2. 5 out of 5

    I can not recommend Becc enough!!!!! I met Bec through a fundraiser that I was doing for a dear friend of mine as her gorgeous baby boy has been diagnosed with Leukaemia! Becc was on board 100% and suggested a bead with his hair! We chose orange as this is the Leukaemia colours and I left the rest to Bec! She sent me a message and dropped in to show me the colour she was going to use as she was still testing them ect. Come the fundraising day she showed me the gorgeous bead she had done and today I got to give it to my dear friend who is truly in awe of it! I cannot wait to get my 5 children done and I am so excited they will fit on my pandora bracelet! Bec you honestly went above and beyond not only with the product itself but also your service, I know You are just starting out but I know you will flourish!!!! Looking forward to getting more of your gorgeous pieces from you ❤️❤️ Thankyou so much!!! - Christy M (26 August 2018)
  3. 5 out of 5

    Beautiful gift for Xmas, having a part of my two daughters, and two grandchildren close to my body at all times, in pandora type beads by your journey keepsakes, I am honoured and very proud of my daughter's ability to make such a beautiful piece for me to cherish forever - Merrilyn C (26 December 2018)

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