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When you’re pregnant, all the usual aches and pains of life seem to get worse as your pregnancy goes on. Fluid retention, swelling and joint pain all show and need special care and attention.  You’ve got extra hormones helping your muscles relax and prepare for birth and your joints are looser, which can lead to extra discomfort.

A pregnancy massage is often just what the doctor ordered. Search our range of pregnancy massage therapists throughout Australia.

Pregnancy massage may include a range of modalities, from swedish relaxation massage, remedial therapy, deep tissue massage to reflexology, depending on your therapist.

A pregnancy massage therapy session makes the perfect gift for expecting mothers – giving them some time to rest, relax and alleviate headaches, tension and fatigue of pregnancy.

Is massage safe during pregnancy?

Generally speaking, it’s safe to have a massage when you’re pregnant.  Some therapists will avoid performing massage in the first trimester due to the increased risk of miscarriage.

At the end of the pregnancy, if it’s safe, your therapist may massage certain acupressure points that may help stimulate labour, or show you how to massage certain points during labour for pain relief.

It’s important that pregnant women seek the advice of their medical practitioner and work with registered professionals who are experienced with pregnancy and related complications.

What can I expect from a prenatal massage?

The key difference between a pregnancy massage and a normal massage is the positions you’ll lie in and making sure you’re comfortable and there’s no pressure on your back or the baby.

Usually pregnancy massage will be done in a side-lying position, supported by pillows, on a special massage table with a hole for your bump, or sitting on a massage chair.   Your therapist will tell you which bits of clothing you need to remove, and will drape you with towels to keep you warm and covered while they work.

Find a pregnancy massage therapist near you to help you relax and ease all of your aches and pains.

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