Find a local postnatal  yoga, pilates or exercise class (group and one-on-one) near you. Find classes just for you, or for mums & bubs.

Regaining fitness in the postnatal period and restoring your posture and improve pelvic floor and abdominal strength is very important for a mother’s health and wellbeing. Exercise can help you recover from childbirth, regain your strength and improve your mood. Even if you’re tired and not feeling motivated, there’s many ways to get your body moving.

The classes on pop’d have been designed the postnatal period and will help you return to exercise safely. But always check with a health professional, such as a women’s physio, first as how soon you’re ready to start exercising (and what exercises you’re ready to do) depends on your individual circumstances.

Find local postnatal or mum & baby yoga, pilates and exercise classes and meditation near you in Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Sydney and Adelaide.

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