First they’re only seconds old, blinking in the new light.  Next they’re minutes, and then hours old; so amazingly perfect, soft and sleepy on your chest.  Soon you’re counting their age in days, as they’re starting their long list of ‘firsts’: first yawn, first cry, first burp, first bath.  Before you know it, you’re counting their age in weeks.  Still as perfect and soft as ever, the are becoming stronger and more alert.  Starting to focus on you, hold their head up, wave their tiny perfect arms and even smile.  As weeks roll into months, they start to roll, then sit, stand and finally walk.  Their unique personalities are starting to bloom, and all they want is to eat, play and cuddle.  Before you know it, you’re counting their age in years, as your perfect child who once fit in the crook of your arm, starts to find their place in the world.

The days can be long, but the months and years fly.  Capture your precious and perfect newborn with a professional photographer.  Capture them in their sleepy infancy.  Capture them when they start to sit and stand.  Capture them at every step.

Find a local newborn baby photographer near you on pop’d.  All of the photographers on pop’d specialise in infant, newborn and baby photography.  You can find a photographer to take photos in their studio, with or without props, or in your home.  Some of our photographers even do cake smash photography.

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