Looking for the perfect new baby gift that will be treasured forever?  Shop our unique range of baby keepsakes and newborn gifts.

When it comes to choosing a gift for a newborn – everyone wants their gift to be treasured and appreciated, and possibly even passed down through generations.  Our range of keepsake and practical newborn gifts make gift-giving a breeze.

The best gifts for newborn babies are usually those with a unique, personal touch that shows you’ve put some thought and care into choosing something you know will be loved.  Whether that’s a set of modern milestone cards and an Instagram worthy matching wrap, a groovy owl design nappy cake filled with practical pieces or a more traditional snuggly toy – there’s the perfect gift for every new mum and baby in our store.

There are no cheesy baby books here – our range of modern baby books will make a stylish memory book that will be a beautiful addition to any nursery bookshelf and are structured so they can be customised for families of all shapes and sizes.

Mums and mums to be can celebrate and commemorate the pregnancy and newborn stages with a sentimental piece of DNA embedded jewellery.  These timeless pieces will become instant heirlooms as they incorporate treasured items such as breastmilk, ashes from loved ones, fabric or flowers with special memories.

What is the best time to get a baby footprint or handprint made?

The first few months is the best time for a first foot or handprint.  New parents are always surprised at just how fast babies grow – and before you know it, you’ve missed the chance to get a footprint from those teeny tiny feet and hands.

The other benefit of this age is that babies will generally sleep and aren’t as active as wriggling toddlers who want to squeeze, grab and explore everything in sight.

What are the best gifts for newborn babies?

The ‘best’ gift can be a bit subjective, and it goes without saying that you can never have too many wraps, bibs, nappies or changes of clothes – making them pretty high on the list of good gifts to buy.

If this is the first baby in the family, look for gifts in neutral colours, such as our delightful range of soft cotton and muslin wraps, play mats or quilts that can be reused for siblings of different genders.  Or why not be the one to give them their first blankie or soft toy that will be loved and appreciated for years to come?

Practical gifts or keepsakes – what makes the best newborn baby and shower gift?

Tough choice!  New mums will often splurge on practical items for themselves, which makes giving keepsake gifts such as a photography session, handprints or baby books for a newborn a great newborn baby gift idea.

On the other hand, gifts that include a range of practical items like nappies, change mats, cotton wraps and teethers will be loved and appreciated every time they’re used throughout the day.

If you’re stuck for ideas, why not create your own newborn baby hamper and include a mix of practical and sentimental, with our easy-to-coordinate colour schemes in bright, neutrals and dreamy pastel shades.

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  • Hand and footprint sculptures https://www.popd.com.au/product-category/babies/celebrate-babies/baby-hand-and-footprint-casting/
  • Baby books https://www.popd.com.au/product-category/babies/celebrate-babies/new-baby-gifts-keepsakes/
  • Nappy cakes: https://www.popd.com.au/seller/nappie-cakes/
  • DNA jewellery: https://www.popd.com.au/seller/yourjourneykeepsakes/

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