Baby Music and Sensory Classes

Baby music & sensory classes might be the cutest outing that you can have with your baby. There is nothing more adorable than watching your little one get into the groove and move along to the music. You will absolutely love watching them clap, try to play instruments, and test out their first dance moves.

As well as being joyous, baby music and sensory classes are also fantastic for brain and motor skill development. Our baby music and sensory classes can help develop everything from coordination to social skills.

Why music is so good for babies

Whether you’re playing your baby Mozart or singing to them in the womb, we all know that music is beneficial for babies, but why? Beyond being fun, does music have any real benefits for babies?


Being exposed to a positive musical environment helps your baby grow and develop. While music is good for people of all ages, studies indicate that music not only strengthens cognitive and sensory development in babies, but also helps them grow emotionally, intellectually, and even physically.

The reason for this impact is that music can activate unexplored neural pathways. By exposing your baby to new sounds and rhythms you will be expanding their world experience, adding to their bank of knowledge which will stretch their creativity, memory, language skills, and emotional capacity.

The importance of baby sensory play

Sensory play is more than just feeling different textures and shapes. It’s any kind of play that allows your baby to discover a new sensory experience. Be it touch, smell, taste, sight, or sound, sensory play is all about linking these sensory experiences, which is great for your baby’s cognitive development.

Music and sensory play go hand in hand. When your baby hears a sound, their natural curiosity will take over as they try to figure out where that sound came from. Sensory music classes pair musical sound with their source, allowing your baby to make sense of the world around them.

Baby sensory and music classes can help develop specific skills such as spatial awareness and problem-solving. By exposing your little one to hands-on music classes, they are more likely to have a deeper understanding of music moving forward.

You’ll find baby music classes in Melbourne, baby music classes in Sydney, and baby sensory classes in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Hobart, Launceston, Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

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