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Planning to breastfeed your newborn? I wish someone had told me this…

Hi, my name’s Mama Fox. I’m about to tell you something that I wish I had known before I had my baby. I’m sharing it with you so that you have a better experience than I did.

Nursing is tough, especially the first-time round. Two of the most common nursing challenges are low milk supply and mastitis. The good news is there is a super easy way to prevent both of these challenges!

So many mothers have suffered unnecessarily and cut their nursing journey short. If they knew about this simple technique before they started their nursing journey, things could have been different.

This simple technique is hand expression.

Only 5 minutes of hand expression before and after feeding or pumping is recommended by the World Health Organization.

 Hand expression:

  • Can increase your milk supply and reduce the risk of mastitis.
  • Hand expression helps to remove milk from milk ducts back within the breast tissue. Ducts with milk that doesn’t get removed are at a high risk of developing an infection.
  • Removing milk after feeding also helps to increase milk supply as milk production usually increases when the body thinks there is more demand required.
  • Hand expression is a proactive strategy rather than a reactive strategy, meaning if you do this from the beginning and before you have developed any problems you can be a step ahead rather than a step behind trying to find solutions.

The downside is that hand expression can be super messy! Milk sprays from your breast in all directions so hand expressing mums commonly use a saucepan or a bowl to catch the milk.

Fear not! I am super passionate about hand expression and so I have a solution for you: the BOOBBLE Cup, and the BOOBBLE Adapter. 

Our fantastic BOOBBLE products makes hand expression easy!   We know it will become your breast friend…

The BOOBBLE Cup is a multifunctional, soft silicone cup that suctions onto your breast to catch the milk that flows from your non-nursing breast. It’s so much better than wasting milk in a breast pad!

With the milk you catch you can feed your child immediately out of the cup (did you know newborns are able to drink from a cup?!), or alternatively freeze it as a milk stash.

Mothers who have children with lip or tongue ties also love the BOOBBLE Cup as babies and children can feed directly from the cup edge if they find it difficult to drink from the breast, or a bottle.  Drinking directly from the cup also reduces air intake and therefore wind pain. Mums of babies with tongue or lip ties also use the BOOBBLE Cup to hand express to keep their milk supply up, and continue to feed their child.

Struggling with damaged nipples from your little biter? Give your nipples a break while they are still able to remove milk and continue their nursing journey after they have had time to heal.

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The BOOBBLE Adaptor is slightly different to the Cup, it is a screw on PE food grade bottle adapter, so you can handpump into a bottle anytime, anywhere!

So, pack the BOOBBLE Cup or the BOOBBLE Adaptor into your hospital bag and stay a step ahead of developing mastitis from day one. Your baby might not latch immediately and you might need to be hand expressing to bring in your milk like a lot of us do. Using these tools you will be able to hand express to bring in your milk in style and comfort!!

Or if your child has already arrived, toss it in your handbag so you can express your milk anywhere to relieve engorgement. The BOOBBLE is light and small, unlike a bulky pump.

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Not sure if you’ll be able to hand express? Watch some hand expression videos before birth to prepare yourself. You WILL get through the challenges and be out the other end before you know it – just keep going sister!

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One final mama-to-mama message:

During the first few days, you shouldn’t expect to be producing a lot of milk. Your body is only meant to produce an amount that feeds your child, so don’t go getting upset or stressed when you see only a small amount of milk come out. Remember their tummies are super tiny!!

“This small amount is actually perfect. When you get the tiny drops out, what you are producing is perfection”.

Focus on enjoying your child, getting as much sleep and water as you can and keeping on top of any mastitis outbreaks by massaging and kneading your breasts as that milk comes in. Too many mothers focus on those first few days and that small amount of milk being not enough and beat themselves up, I know I did. And no one said “Hey what you are doing is perfect” they just kept telling me to do more. And over feeding my child with formula until she vomited everywhere. It’s craziness. I wasted my first days with breast pumps and on a long schedule of pumping when I should have been sleeping and enjoying my child. Remember, it is perfect and you are not meant to be filling up cups full of milk this early.

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Enjoy the journey Mother Bear,

Love Mama Fox XOXO



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