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Meet Becc Warr: Certified DNA jewellery artisan & the owner of Your Journey Keepsakes

Becc is a certified Breastmilk and DNA artisan, and the owner of Your Journey Keepsakes which incorporates your breast milk, loved ones ashes or baby’s first curl into a beautiful piece of jewellery.  When Becc is not busy creating beautiful mementos, she is is a loving wife, a mother to 20 month old Alexander, a sister, a friend, a daughter 
How did you get into DNA jewellery making?

When I came to my own 6 month milestone with breastfeeding my son, I searched for something that would be able to symbolise this moment and act a reward for everything we accomplished. Breastfeeding is not easy and having to give up dairy and egg to continue my journey with my son that was intolerant to these, was even harder. I searched high and low for something that was preferable Australian and something that I could treasure forever. I came across a DIY kit to make my own breastmilk ring. It was perfect. I received it, crafted my ring and loved it. I’ve always been into craft and after making this ring, I wanted to do more. I learnt about the breastmilk and DNA jewellery academy and decided to invest in myself and do this course. Almost 6 months later, I became qualified in this beautiful art and am so honoured to be able to offer this type of keepsakes to other mothers.

What is DNA jewellery making?
Leaf Ring with Pearl
Leaf Ring with Pearl $1,670

DNA jewellery is ultra personalised jewellery that encapsulates DNA. DNA can be in the form of breastmilk, loved ones ashes, locks of hair, placenta, umbilical cord, a first tooth, just to name a few. Your DNA is made into a piece of jewellery, offering you a very unique keepsake you can treasure forever. Your DNA is preserved and made into a gem that can be set into the desired piece of jewellery.   I crafted featured stones made from your own unique inclusions such as breastmilk, loved ones ashes, locks of hair, placenta, umbilical cord, a first tooth just to name a few. This featured stones are then set or made into pieces of jewellery such as rings, pendants, pearl necklaces, earrings or European beads.


How is the jewellery made, and the DNA added?

There are two main techniques I use to preserve your DNA into jewellery. If you want to preserve a liquid such as breastmilk, your precious liquid needs to be dried before I can craft with it. Using heat and a combination of chemicals, your breastmilk is transformed into a paste. Once in this form, it is then left to dry completely for three days. When it’s dry, I am then able to grind it into powder to craft with. Then we move onto the second technique. With the inclusions that are dry (such as breastmilk into a powder), I can then craft with it. Using a high quality resin, I mix the required ratios, your dried DNA and add any desired colours, glitters or flecks to the mix. I then pour the mixture into the mould needed to create the shape for your selected piece of jewellery. When the air bubbles are removed and I’m happy with the look of your piece, I leave it to cure for at least 12 hours. After this time, your piece is un-moulded, I check for any defects and check the strength of the piece. If your piece passes these checks, I then move onto setting your piece into the selected piece of jewellery such as a ring.

Who are your customers?
Journey Halo Ring
Journey Halo Ring (on sale for $190, down from $250)

My clients are mostly mothers wanting to capture a moment in time to treasure forever. These mothers might want to celebrate a breastfeeding milestone with a piece of breastmilk jewellery. These mothers might want to hold onto a piece of their child’s hair in a European bead. These mothers may have lost their baby or a loved one and want to have them close by and near to their heart with a piece that features ashes. These mothers might want preserve the flowers given to them from a special occasion such as the birth of their child.

My clients are also fathers who want to show their recognition and support to their partners by gifting them a piece of jewellery that shows how proud they are of them.

Is there a favourite piece that you’ve made?

Yes. I’ve just recently released my pearl necklace range and my signature piece is my favourite. It is a strand of pearls made entirely from your unique inclusion such as breastmilk. I’ve had this in mind since I started this journey and I’ve finally brought my dream alive and made it.

European Bead
European Bead ($160)
What’s your favourite thing about being a DNA jewellery maker?

Being able to offer this beautiful art to other mothers, to help them hold onto memories and moments, and being trusted with clients precious inclusions. It’s truly an honour.

You can check out Your Journey Keepsakes’ pop’d shop at https://www.popd.com.au/seller/yourjourneykeepsakes/

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