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Calmbirth – Changing Birth Culture for future generations

By Calmbirth Australia

What is Calmbirth?

Calmbirth® prepares you emotionally, mentally and physically for birth. Calmbirth® is Australia’s most highly acclaimed, recommended, TRUSTED and scientifically proven childbirth education program in Australia. Calmbirth® was the first childbirth education program in Australia to recognise the interrelationship between the mind and body connection in birth – the connection and power between a woman’s emotional state and the way her body responds in birth. Calmbirth® uses this mind-body connection to assist couples to replace the fear, stress and anxiety about giving birth with the knowledge and skills to birth their baby calmly, fearlessly, safely and confidently.

How was Calmbirth developed?

The Calmbirth program pioneered Childbirth education in Australia over 14 years ago. Today, the program continues to lead the way in revolutionising birth culture one couple at a time, leaving its imprint on future generations of women to birth with knowledge, confidence and with the support of their partners and caregivers.

The Calmbirth program has come a long way since its beginning, teaching only a handful of pregnant couples from the luxury of the Founder, Peter Jackson’s, lounge room in Bowral, to becoming the fastest growing child birth education program in Australia. Close to 30,000 couples have  attended a Calmbirth program and there are over 100 Calmbirth Educators across Australia, New Zealand and France.

What do expecting parents learn at Calmbirth?

  • The Calmbirth Program will provide you and your partner with a toolbox for birth.
  • Understanding the psychology of birth and how your mental state, thoughts and beliefs leading up to and on the day, not only dictates your experience of birth, but also the way your body works with labour and birth.
  • The physiology of birth – explains the four stages of labour and how your body prepares itself to give birth.
  • Tools to work with birth – techniques and practical skills that assist you mentally and physically such as: visualisationsmeditationmassageacupressure, and active birth positioning.
  • Defines the role of the partner and what they can do to help support you on the day emotionally and physically,as well as how to work together as a team. Calmbirth gives partners their own birth toolbox to work with birth on the day.
  • Preparation for all birth journeys– working with intervention, C section or previous birth trauma.
  • Conscious parenting–  Birthing conscious parents. Here we explore the prenatal bonding, skin to skin contact and postnatal bonding, connection and attachment to your baby.  Setting realistic expectations and ‘planting the seed’ beyond birth for the transition to parenting to understand what children need to develop and thrive.
  • Learning the importance of self care during pregnancy, labour and the postpartum period.

How might Calmbirth change a woman’s labour?

Results from a comprehensive research study being undertaken by Dr Jane Svensson, the Clinical Midwifery Consultant Health Education at the Royal Hospital for Women, due to be published in two medical journals later this year, shows that the Calmbirth Childbirth Education program significantly reduces:

  • the rate of medical interventions during childbirth
  • the use of pharmacological pain relief in labour including epidurals
  • enriches their birth experience as one that is positive, irrespective of how they birth
  • reduces the impact of perinatal anxiety which may then have a protective effect postnatal adjustment, and potentially depression, after birth.

Karen McClay the Director of Calmbirth, says, “We often get birth stories from our couples that tell us that the midwives or obstetricians at their births are amazed at how calmly and confidently they have birthed their babies. The midwives and obstetricians see first hand the positive effects and outcomes that our Calmbirth program teaches and how the couples can use the skills and techniques no matter how their birth unfolds on the day.”

“I think seeing our couples birth more positvely, more confidently, safer and with less intervention has been the main driver in major maternity hospitals in Sydney wanting to implement the Calmbirth program as part of their own ante natal structure.

Why should an expecting parents choose Calmbirth?

Calmbirth is also recognised by its peers in the birthing profession as the most trusted and recommend Childbirth  Education program.

“Most of our referrals come from obstetricians, midwives and GP’s. We even have obstetricians, midwives and GP’s coming to do our Calmbirth program with us, to help prepare themselves for their own births.

“The magic of our program is that it’s face to face. It’s about the relationship and the rapport you build with your pregnant couples, and watching those couples over the weekend become more and more connected to each other, working together as a team not only to birth their baby, but to becoming a family.

“Our program provides couples with the knowledge they need to work with birth physically and emotionally and through any birth journey they may have. It also allows the couples to also interact with others and share their fears, anxieties, as well as their hopes from both a male and female perspective. The most satisfying feeling is seeing the couples transform, believing in themselves, each other, their body and their baby, and knowing that we are making a difference to the way the next generation feels and talks about their birth.

“I think one of the many reasons why we are so trusted is a combination of our credibility, longevity and the fact that we are trained birth professionals. I believe this is what sets us apart from other childbirth Education programs. Our training to become a Calmbirth Educator is extensive and we require our Educators to be trained midwives or doulas who not only  understand and work with the physiology of birth, but they have to have an understanding of the emotional and mental aspects of birth and how it can profoundly impact a woman, her baby and her partner, for years even after the birth.

“The strength and point of difference is in our Calmbirth Program are our unique guided relaxations that enable couples to move past any fears and anxieties they may have making Calmbirth unique and a leader in the field of childbirth education”.

Clearly, the Calmbirth program is about delivering quality and evidence based childbirth education that has proven results in positive birth outcomes.

Is Calmbirth taught in hospitals?

“We are now in 4 major maternity hospitals in Sydney those being the Royal Hospital for Women in Randwick, The SAN in Wahroonga, The North Shore Private Hospital, North Shore, the Sutherland Hospital in Sutherland, and a few more major maternity hospitals in Sydney are due to launch Calmbirth later this year.


To find a Calmbirth class search “Calmbirth” at www.popd.com.au, or go to https://calmbirth.com.au/calmbirth-classes/

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