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To my son,

You have travelled with me for the past 8 months now. Experiencing all my ups and downs. You’re showing, big time. A beautiful big round bump for all the world to see.

Your Aunty Sophia, father and I took a very short trip last weekend to Birrarung at Pound Bend, traditionally owned by the Wurundjeri people, where she captured us as a little family. As the light faded over the trees and my silhouette turned to shadow, I stood on the bank on the Birrarung holding you in my arms hoping for a world that appreciates and respects the earth under my feet. I apologized to the country we were standing on for all of the pain and suffering we had caused it and its people and vowed I would endeavour to ensure this would not continue, that you, my little bub, would be informed and that you will prioritize its future and the future of those that have been and continue to be harmed by us.

I felt calm, I felt connected and I felt at peace after standing out there in the dusk with you… your little body moving in mine. The fresh crisp air whisking its way through the trees and across my body. Still and silent as the night rolled in leaving us with only shadows of the land around us dancing as we ventured back to the car.

You will know the history of this country, you will treat it with love and respect, for we are merely guests on this spiritual land fortunate enough to experience its beauty. We will remain grateful to its traditional owners for what they have sacrificed in order for you to be able to grow and live here. Standing out there with you could not have been more perfect and I cannot wait to share with you all of the beauty this country has to offer.

Our greatest wish was for you to enter a world that was unified and respectful of all people regardless of race, religion, gender and ability. It saddens me that this is not the case and that these values are not the status quo. I’m sorry my son, I’m sorry you are entering the world at a time of unrest and divide. I’m sorry that we are so disconnected from the land we inhabit and the people who have cared for it for 10000s of years. I’m sorry that our western society as it stands values exploiting the land for monetary gain over protecting it for future generations. Your father and I will do our best to instil values in you that highlight the importance of caring for and nurturing this land and all of its inhabitants.

Your father and I went back to the river again today. I needed to escape the noise. To the place I felt connected to you. We sat on the river bed, no words passed between us, reflecting on what has unfolded and energizing ourselves for what is to come. We are fighters your dad and I, we know how lucky we are to be positioned in this world the way we have, and we know the importance of utilizing this position for the benefit of others not just ourselves. We will do better.

Your father wrapped his hands around the both of us and we stood looking out into the water for a time before taking some deep breathes in, filling our lungs with fuel to carry on and headed back to the city.

My son, you will know this country for what it really is, and you will fight alongside those who know it best, who have been living with it for longer than we can comprehend. This country does not belong to us, but it is our duty to do right by it, to protect it, to respect it and its people and be thankful for all that it gives us. You are our world little bub and we will ensure that world is a place of inclusion, love, nature and respect. Enjoy the photos of you before you came earth side and the awkwardness of your parents in a truly tranquil place.

Love Mum

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I may sound biased, but my sister Sophia Lewis is an incredible photographer and human. She captured some beautiful shots of my little family in what was only 27 mins before sunset. She is currently travelling Australia and working on the road as a photographer. Her IG photo account is: @sophialewisphotography and her travel account is: @discoveringaus where she captures this beautiful country and writes about the history and traditional names and languages of the areas she visits.


Read more about Anna’s pregnancy journey at https://www.popd.com.au/belle-and-the-boy-a-blog-about-pregnancy-motherhood/

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