Advertising a service

What types of services can I advertise on pop’d?

You can list any service that serves pregnant women, couples expecting a baby, babies, kids or parents. If you’re not sure whether your service fits, email us at business.support@popd.com.au.

Why advertise on pop’d?

Get discovered by local parents & pregnant women looking for services like yours!

  • Affordable List now for only $9.95/month (normally $59/month!)
  • Flexible No long-term contracts
  • Simple pop’d will create your detailed advertisement for you based on your website or Facebook page

What are the fees?

Businesses advertising a service pay only $9.95 per month (normally $59/month incl. GST)!

What is the billing process?

Your account will be direct debited at the beginning of each monthly cycle.

How do I create my advertisement?

This short instructional video will walk you through the process, step-by-step:

I have a great idea for a new category for my service! How do I suggest it?

We’d love to hear it! Please email business.support@popd.com.au.

My business has multiple locations. How do I advertise all of them?

Each listing is for a single location, so that locals can find your business. If you are in multiple locations, you will need to create a new listing for each and login using a distinct email address for each.

How do I make my advertisement ‘pop’?

When choosing a service, people love:

  • A clear description of your services, & a compelling understanding of how they would benefit from it
  • Photographs, and perhaps even a short video, of your service in action
  • Reviews from other customers which help build trust
  • Knowing a bit more about you, the person behind the business, and why you do what you do!

How can I promote my fabulous listing?

Share it with your followers on Facebook and Instagram!

How do customer reviews work?

pop’d members are encouraged to leave reviews of services they’ve experienced to help other members make informed decisions. To receive reviews, we recommend asking recent customers to provide one. If you have concerns about the legitimacy of a review, please email business.support@popd.com.au.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Simply email business.support@popd.com.au, and your subscription will be cancelled within 24 hours.

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