Pregnant? New mum or dad? Overwhelmed with what you need for your new family? We’re here to help! pop’d is an online marketplace and directory which connects you with a comprehensive range of products and local services as you prepare, enjoy and celebrate pregnancy, babies and kids.

On pop’d you can:

  • Find local services
  • Buy new products
  • Buy and sell pre-loved items (coming soon!)

Why list on pop’d?

  • Connect We link you directly with parents looking for services & products like yours!
  • Affordable List for as little as $59/month
  • Flexible No long-term contracts
  • Simple We’ll create your shop or advertisement for you!

Why was pop’d created?

In January 2018, our beautiful baby girl was born.  After we came out of the newborn fog, I realised how lucky we’d been to have had a lot of professional support during pregnancy and the newborn period. We’d found a great obstetrician, birthing classes, sleep consultant, sleep suits, and comforters, and that’s just the start of the list. But it felt like I’d found out about these wonderful services and products by accident. Most mums and dads I knew didn’t know that many of these services & products existed.

What else was out there that I hadn’t been aware of? A huge amount, I’ve since found out: pregnancy massage, prenatal yoga & pilates, pregnancy photography, private midwives and doulas, meditation, infant first aid classes, professional car seat installers, pelvic floor physios, and so much more…

What will be available for our sweet bub as she grows? Again, a huge amount: unique clothes, toys & bedroom decor, a wide range of nearby activities & outings, local family photographers, childcare centres near me, birthday party venues & entertainment, & much (much!) more…

So, midway through my maternity leave, I decided to leave my very satisfying management consulting career and launch pop’d, which has been an explosion of fun. pop’d is a simple concept near and dear to my heart with a big aim: to help Australian mums and dads connect with a comprehensive range of products and local services to support them as they go through their uniquely incredible journey of pregnancy, babies, and kids.

The mum behind pop’d

My name is Sarah Hudson and I grew up in the north eastern suburbs of Sydney. In 2009 I moved to Melbourne for work, but stayed for love… and great coffee. Well, mostly the coffee.

I married my wonderful husband in 2015 and became ‘bonus’ mum to two amazing teenage girls. In January 2018, we all welcomed our gorgeous bub. My hubby’s experience in wrangling babies is evident, and our sweetpea’s two big sisters bring joy to all of us as they love and care for their little sis!

When I’m not juggling all the mum things for our sweet pea, or discovering cool ideas to make pop’d even better, I’m catching up with family and friends or taking that all-important recovery nap. You know what I’m talking about! Someday I’ll find time to learn to skydive or bake prize-winning wedding cakes. But for now, I’m just happy being a mum and making life easier for you with pop’d.

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