5 Facebook groups every Australian mum (& mum-to-be!) should join

When you fall pregnant, or have a baby, a whole new world opens up.  Not only newborn cuddles, crying, cooing and nappies (so many nappies!) but also communities.  Here’s our 5 favourite Facebook groups that we think all mums (& mums-to-be!) should join.

1. “Aussie Babies Due… insert the month you’re due”, or “Babies due… insert month… Australia”

  • Who is it for?  Australian pregnant women who are due about the same time, and some also welcome women who are trying to conceive (TTC).
  • Why should I join?  The communities are a place where you can share everything about your pregnancy with people who are equally obsessed with pregnancy 😆  You can share all your hopes, all your concerns, all your plans – and of course your positive pregnancy tests, ultrasounds and bumpies!  There is no such things as TMI in these supportive groups.  You can also get the Group’s advice on a wide range of topics, such as how to manage morning sickness, how to surprise your older kids with your pregnancy, how to plan a gender reveal, and so much more.
  • When is the best time to join?  It’s best to join when you fall pregnant.  They’re particularly useful when you’re in the first trimester, obsessing about every little twinge but can’t share it with anyone!
  • Link: If you’re due September, October or November you can join here: Aussie Babies Due September, October, November 2019 , or if you’re expecting in October you can also join here: Babies due October 2019 Australia .  Due another month?  Search Facebook for “Aussie babies due” and you’re sure to find a group for you.

2. “Child restraints. Is your child restrained correctly?”

  • Who is it for?  Australian (and NZ) mums and dads who would like information regarding best practice in child restraints
  • Why should I join?  This group has an enormous wealth of knowledge about child restraints.  You can get the Group’s advice on things as diverse as the best restraint to buy within a particular budget, whether your baby is correctly restrained in their seat (just add some photos to your post), what car would fit a restraint and two boosters across the back seat, and much more!  The group is very well moderated, with the inevitable incorrect information being corrected very quickly.  I recommend this group to all my friends.  My knowledge about car restraint safety, and therefore the safety of my baby, has increased significantly since joining the group.
  • When is the best time to join?  Before you buy your baby’s first car seat or capsule, although there’s still tonnes of helpful information if you’re baby has already arrived.
  • Link: Child restraints. Is your child restrained correctly?

3. “Can I Breastfeed In It? Australia”

  • Who is it for?  Australian breastfeeding mums looking to find nursing-friendly clothing recommendations
  • Why should I join?  This group is a lot of fun!  The energy is particularly warm and lively.  It’s also full of great recommendations for nursing-friendly clothes.  Looking for a full-length green formal dress to wear to a wedding, or a nursing cami for 16G-H bust?  These women will help you find it!  People also frequently share great purchases they’ve made.
  • When is the best time to join?  Before your baby arrives, when you’re buying your first few breastfeeding-friendly clothes
  • Link: Can I Breastfeed In It? Australia

4. “Mumlife Community”

  • Who is it for?  Australian mums looking to connect with other mums to give and receive support
  • Why should I join?  This is that important group that will try to help you get through all the bumps of motherhood.  They’ll provide a tonne of suggestions things as diverse as meal suggestions for babies, how to toilet train your toddler, or even movie suggestions for kids!
  • When is the best time to join?  When your baby arrives.
  • Link: Mumlife Community

5. “Mums Who Budget & Save”

  • Who is it for?  Australian mums looking for ideas to budget and save
  • Why should I join?  The arrival of baby’s is often a time of financial strain.  Less income and more expenses means it’s a particularly great time to think about ways to budget and save.  This community is an absolute wealth of information!  It will help you to reduce your shopping bills, reduce your utility bills, identify ways you can earn extra money and adopt strategies to help you save more.
  • When is the best time to join?  When you’re baby is almost here and you’re starting to wonder how you’ll make the whole ‘money thing’ work
  • Link: Mums Who Budget & Save
  • Bonus: As well as “Mums Who Budget & Save”, there’s also “Mums Who Clean“, “Mums Who Organise”, “Mums Who Cook & Bake“, “Mums Who Build, Renovate & Decorate” and many more!

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